Ann Star organized the -Thanksgiving- is the theme of the New Year Spring Festival party held hospit

February 6, 2015, organized by the manufacturers of security of water purifiers star of "gratitude" for the theme of the New Year Spring Festival evening party was held in Guangming New District, to participate in the annual meeting have safe Star water purifier manufacturers and safety of all employees Stars general manager of the water purifier and deputy general manager of marketing headquarters each, everyone gathered Xiao Hong Park, to celebrate the happy feast, where we talk about 2014, to celebrate the 2015 New Year shouted, rich atmosphere, peaceful, more festive !

before the party started by Ann Star water purifier manufacturers, general manager Liu Pingan published remarks, remarks first comprehensive review of the 2014 Ann Star of earnings growth, all revealed affirmation of all employees between words and encouragement, confirmed the factory staff pay and silently made in 2014 to the good results, and pointed out that Ann Star water purifier manufacturers to the whole network sales in the first nineteen years, to become the industry benchmark for water purification company, has won the industry, consumers and major agents of their recognition and trust ...... these honors, praise, get word of mouth is part of every employee Ann Star! and say for sure that you are safe Star "most beautiful people"! then, general manager Liu outlook 2015 new year's resolution: 2015 Ann Star will describe all the way past water purification new blueprint to create a more bullish performance. Finally, general manager Liu sent New Year greetings to all the factory workers. "

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