It determines the quality of life of the filter water purifier!

It determines the quality of life of the filter water purifier! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 219 Published: 2018-9-22 16:58:11 household water purifiers are widely used today, also encountered some problems, consumers have complained about water purification machines vulnerable, life is too short and so on. In fact, the quality of life of the filter determines the water purifier. Now on the market water purifier brand, the price big difference, even just need to spend a hundred dollars can buy, especially some shoddy, substandard quality water purifiers, water purifiers not only can not play function, and also increase the degree of water pollution, the public more harm than good. Filters, water purification machine is the core component, is at the heart of water purifier, water purifier in the purchase, be sure to look at whether the filter quality standards. The quality of the filter will have a direct impact on the overall purification efficiency of the water purifier, filter poor quality inferior inexpensive water purifier employed, the filtered water still contains a lot of impurities, even with an odor, flow out are not up to standard, the human body useless water. At present, the mainstream by activated carbon filter on the market and constitute a hollow membrane, activated carbon adsorption strong but can easily be contaminated, needs to be replaced regularly; because the waterworks factory water meets standards for drinking water pH, dissolved oxygen, water quality standards and other physiological functions , both at the factory certain parameters tap water, but in the transport network, the secondary storage device during the water supply may cause secondary pollution. The main function of the water purifier is to solve the problem of secondary pollution of water by ultrafiltration water purifier removes impurities from water, bacteria, but also retains the water on the human body beneficial trace minerals, such as drinking Net water is best for the body. Higher filtration accuracy reverse osmosis membrane purified water is known as water, the water only hydrogen and oxygen atoms. We know that the quality of the filter element is very important, and filter cleaning and replacement is also equally important. Prior to buy water purifier filter to focus on the quality of the water purifier to buy, you need to regularly clean and replace the filter. If the filter quality is very good, but do not pay attention to cleaning and filter replacement, water purifier, like life will not be long.