2020 household water purifier ranking which brand of good-


smoke of 2019 is over, 2020 will usher in a new situation. Which brand water purifier has been good to explore industry issues, household water purifier ranking which brand good? Plethora of water purifier brand, want to be a dominant is impossible, every brand to its own advantage in aspects of development. Every city each brand for the population are not the same.


Now many families are aware of the importance of health, more and more emphasis on the quality of drinking water, a home water purifier has become an essential household appliances. Like conventional hot water dispenser generally divided into two ports and the cold water, it is provided inside a heat sink, always prepared a boiled water, user ready to use. But a few families did not know such a design usually have a common problem, that is, if the heat sink a long time without access to water, the water temperature will be from hot to cold, and then repeatedly continuous heating, lead us to drink is great part of the news broadcast of "thousands of boiling water." The water purifier is not only full-featured, large amount of water, great to meet the people's demand for water, mass market demand attracted a lot of water purifier brand competition. The following small series just like we talk about the relative advantage of the water purifier ranking which brand.

a: add fresh water purifier

Shenzhen City, a beautiful environment Governance Ltd., is a professional water purifier brands. Fresh water was added water purification products category complete with central water, straight drinking water machine, household water, commercial water, soft water, pipeline machine, whole house water purifier, kitchen drinking one machine 10 large product line of water purification equipment. Fresh water purifier plus years of dedicated research and development through manufacturing, has now become the leading brand in the technology industry, advanced technology and rich experience, fresh water plus water purification equipment using raw materials and mold design to adapt to the Chinese market products . Add fresh water purifiers for five consecutive years was awarded the "water purifiers top ten brands," the first title of Chinese household water purification industry, international brands nations net. 2013 Beijing conference on youth entrepreneurship, add fresh water known as the "most entrepreneurs favorite brands." Acting co-brand the most potential, most agents and distributors favorite home water purifier brand. andCCTV in 2017 to become a strategic partner to build a model of high-end brand, high-quality, high service.

II: US water purifier

the United States involved in the home appliance industry is more and more, the US water purifier to RO reverse osmosis technology Lord, although the filter is very thorough, but does not retain minerals, and more waste, environmental damage so

has not become the mainstream of the market, and now the mainstream consumer attitudes based on health Lord, therefore, two-way purification of water purifiers water purification technology proposed by the United States could become the next major trend. Big brands may be relatively high threshold for population is relatively high

three: Haier water purifier

Haier water purifier rely Haier brand in the domestic appliance industry influence, loved by consumers, and higher product cost, is the main competitor in the low-end market.

Four: Hansi Dun water purifier

Hansi Dun water filter water purification technology to concentrate on research and development, with a certain water purification technology, there is a place in the water purification industry, the products are mainly targeted at low-end domestic water purifier market.

five: 3M water purifier Smith

3M water purifier, though not specialized in water purification, but this international brand 3M endorsement, so the domestic consumer is quite recognized 3M water purifier, and has its own water purification technology.

Because space is limited, other 2018- 2020 water purifiers top ten best-selling brand, not setting them in detail.

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