Changsha clarify the scope of drinking water source protection areas to strengthen the protection of


Recently, the Changsha Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau publicized the county level and above division scheme centralized drinking water source protection zones and define the scope of drinking water source protection areas, and divided the survey of 11 water sources, of which 2 Changsha city, Changsha 3 at the county, looking at the city 1, at 1 Liuyang City, Ningxiang 4.


Changsha clarify the scope of the drinking water source protection areas to strengthen the protection of water sources (Photo from Internet)

new land range

Xiangjiang River in Changsha City Zone [ 123] Changsha Xiangjiang River is one of the main sources of drinking water, Changsha City, the first, two, three, four, seven, eight water plants are water from the Xiangjiang River. According to "Changsha City drinking water source protection zoning Technical Report (Volume Xiangjiang River in Changsha section)" ( "the Report"), the main city of the Xiangjiang River section upstream of drinking water source area of ??jurisdiction of the junction south of Long Lake, downstream to the north Fu Jiazhou downstream end of 200m, a total length of 32.14 km.

It is worth noting that this new segment Xiangjiang main city water drinking water intakes divided seven drinking water source protection areas and land range Xiangjiang Downtown a drinking water source protection region .

It is reported that the construction Muyun Area Changsha the initial location upstream of the seventh water Xiang Ma Xing Zhouzhou tail bank about 200 meters, (initial water intake port position) Xing Mazhou east region, thus must delineate the new water intake for drinking water source protection zone level.

Thus, the seven upstream water intake 1000m (Xing Mazhou tail bank 1200m upstream) downstream of the water intake to seven 200M (Xing Mazhou tail bank), Xiang east side of Xing to the normal water line Ma Chau area between the east bank near the water side of the levee embankment shoulder upgrade from the previous two watershed protection area is a watershed protection area.

prohibited within a two drinking water source protection area following behavior

"Report" also clearly acts within the primary, secondary drinking water source protection areas prohibited from engaging in such prohibited Changsha Xiangjiang River drinking water source protection zone set up two sewage outfall (drainage), prohibiting new construction, renovation, expansion of construction projects that discharge pollutants; has been set outfall (drainage), the completion of construction projects that discharge pollutants, city, county (city) people's governments shall be dismantled or shut down and so on.

remediation measures drinking water source protected areas, "Report "proposes to strengthen the environmental management point source of drinking water source protection areas and ecological restoration construction; good soil and water conservation and ecological protection of ecological forest surrounding the water source protection areas, prohibits the destruction of vegetation and non-updating of deforestation and other destruction of all the water environment ecological balance behavior.

Connection: Hunan folk environmental charity organization for the first time as a drinking water source licensing legislation

is located in Liuyang City, Changsha Zhushuqiao is another reservoir of drinking water sources in addition to the Xiangjiang River, currently, Zhushuqiao project a second water source has been opened, supplying about 40 tons of water per day Changsha.

December 11, environmental non-governmental environmental NGOs dawn came Zhushuqiao reservoir for the safe water source licensing legislation, which is the nonprofit organization Hunan source of drinking water for the first time, the licensing legislation.

December 10 in the afternoon before the dawn of environmental protection, "Hunan Province Drinking Water Source Protection Conference and secure network construction water source licensing legislation launching ceremony" was held in Changsha, the provincial Water Resources Department of Water Resources at Tang Tao Director, environmental technologies, environmental protection volunteers Association Secretary-General Yan Fangnan respectively in terms of policy, technology, public participation introduces the protection of drinking water sources protection measures at different levels, and to answer questions related to volunteers. (Source: HC purification network)