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Heibang drinking water, excessive bacteria and worry Author: Tim net water purification Views: 727 Published: 2015-11-2 11:46:30 Recently, the Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration announced the second quarter of 2015, food safety information, which time information from the daily supervision and sampling, sampling a total of 4569 batches of food, on examination, qualified 4465 batches of food, accounting for 97.7%; 104 batches of substandard food, accounting for 2.3%. 饮用水上黑榜,细菌超标让人忧 This 104 batches of substandard food incidents involving multiple brands, these brands of pure drinking water in production was Pseudomonas aeruginosa were exceeded. Pseudomonas aeruginosa excessive drinking beverages, can cause symptoms of diarrhea. Why have clean drinking water exceeded Pseudomonas aeruginosa such a thing, experts pointed out that the water may have been contaminated, but also may be the production process control is lax hygiene or cleaning and disinfection is not in place. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has urged relevant enterprises to carry out sampling substandard products off the shelf, storage, recall measures, in accordance with the provisions of the regulatory authorities informed of substandard food production and management units to investigate and punish, eliminate small companies to ordinary people caused by illegal operation However, storm and health threats. So household water purifiers to join - Tim net water purification remind you that drinking bottled water if you can not, will have excessive bacteria phenomenon, which is a very common problem, because water exposure after 16 hours in the environment will produce signs of excessive bacteria, do not easily select brand-name bottled water. Compared to bottled water, water purification installation can effectively solve the water exposed to the air drawbacks, while specific purifier and filtration techniques, to ensure the water quality does not contain harmful impurities, can be said that a sets of water purifier in hand, worry-free family drink.