After the flood how well water disinfection


well water is easily contaminated flood, 2020-06-04 small series to introduce you: how disinfect well water after the flood?

is the main source of drinking water wells many rural families, because of conditions likely to be contaminated. 2020-06-04 small series of user requirements should focus on what the flood how disinfect well water?

generally use well water disinfection chlorine disinfection, i.e. the use of chemical disinfectants disinfection. Bleach is a common chemical disinfectants, using the following order:

(1) to measure and calculate the amount of water, based on the actual amount of water in the well following formula:

Water (m ) a water depth (m) × surface area (square meters)

(2) should be re-calculated as the amount of bleach inputs:

a chlorine amount of 0.5 to 1.0 mg / l ; available chlorine bleach is typically calculated as 25%.

(3) bleach was weighed, the supernatant was formulated: said method is good bleach was added a small amount of water into a paste, and then adding an appropriate amount of water and keep stirring, the dark solution was placed after the, until an insoluble precipitate, the supernatant is the supernatant liquid.

(4) well water disinfection: The prepared supernatant was gently poured bleach well, followed by stirring bucket, so that several shock wells, over 30 minutes, to play drinking wells .

wells shall be disinfected daily 1 to 2 times, sterilization time should be 30 minutes before water peak.

household drinking water Tips: you need to be disinfected well water

If the water is contaminated at, and disinfect the wells at is useless, a new water sterilization is still the same band bacteria, therefore, this case is more advantageous water disinfection end. Non-life direct drinking water, disinfected with bleach and other fungicides can be.

It should be noted that the indirect consumption of water, be sure to use food-grade disinfectant, disinfectant in strict accordance with the amount of instructions, put on disinfectant, it is best to let the water stand in an open container in 24 hour or more, so that residual chlorine evaporate.

Through the above description, you are sure toWell water safety knowledge understand it. But the safety of drinking water in the small knowledge base that remind you to note that, in order to secure the best drinking more at home in the installation of household water purifiers to prevent sudden changes in water quality affect health.

Editor: Zhu Wenpeng